The Honda range covers the full spectrum from hatchbacks through sedans to SUVs and more. With such a large variety of vehicles to choose from, there’s a new Honda model for every need.

    Two of the company’s most popular vehicles are the Honda Odyssey minivan and the Honda HR-V SUV. What do you need to know when choosing between them?

    Body Format

    The biggest difference is in the size of the two vehicles. The Odyssey is a fully-fledged minivan capable of seating up to eight passengers across its three rows. In contrast, the HR-V is a subcompact crossover SUV seating only five.

    Powertrain and Performance

    The difference in size is reflected in the underlying powertrain mechanics. A large vehicle like the Odyssey needs a powerful engine, and the standard 3.5L V6 option doesn’t disappoint.

    Pushing out a mighty 280 horsepower through a 10-speed automatic transmission, the Odyssey has plenty of power in reserve for passing, while the grade logic control function optimizes the handling for a wide range of conditions.

    However, the HR-V is no slouch either. The 141 horsepower produced by the 1.8L engine may only be half that of the Odyssey, but the performance is still impressive thanks to the HR-V‘s smaller size and lighter weight.

    The Honda HR-V features a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with an optional economy mode, and is available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions. The Odyssey is front-wheel drive only across the whole range.


    Honda Odyssey Minivan vs. Honda HR-V SUV

    Fuel Economy

    For any family car, fuel economy is an important point. The HR-V commands highly respectable figures of 8.4L / 100km for city driving, with 7.0L / 100km in the city.

    As you’d expect given the size difference, the Honda Odyssey is a much thirstier vehicle. Nonetheless, the figures of 8.4L / 100km on the highway and 12.6L / 100km in the city are perfectly acceptable for a minivan of this class.

    Both vehicles improve their basic fuel economy through the use of the Honda Idle Stop system, which cuts out engine power when the car is stationary for two seconds or more.

    Interior Features

    The Odyssey is firmly aimed at larger families, and it has plenty of interior amenities to make even long journeys pass smoothly. As standard, the minivan boasts features including automatic climate control and dual LCD monitors. However, higher-level trims introduce even more luxuries, such as wireless smartphone charging and tri-zone climate control.

    The HR-V is similarly well equipped, with air conditioning and climate control as standard, along with full Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

    Driver Assistance and Safety

    Both vehicles include the usual range of safety and driver assistance features which Honda is known for. As standard, there’s a full set of airbags for the driver and all passengers, along with electronic stability control, lane departure warnings and keep assist, adaptive cruise control, ABS braking, and much more.

    Honda Odyssey or HR-V?

    Both of these vehicles are well suited to families, providing plenty of comfort, performance, and safety. However, if you often need to transport up to eight people, then the Odyssey is the obvious choice. But if you need a smaller SUV for daily driving with great fuel economy, the HR-V fits the bill perfectly.

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