Jeff Bachalo

    Photo of Jeff Bachalo General Manager Contact

    Joel Smith

    Photo of Joel Smith General Sales Manager Contact

    Allord Rangasajo

    Photo of Allord Rangasajo Sales Manager Contact

    Pankaj Kundra

    Photo of Pankaj Kundra Sales Manager Contact

    Drew Charlton

    Photo of Drew Charlton Fixed Operations Manager Contact

    Jack Buffie

    Photo of Jack Buffie Service Manager Contact

    Sean Boyer

    Photo of Sean Boyer Parts Manager Contact

    Kelly Anderson

    Photo of Kelly Anderson Assistant Parts Manager Contact

    Sales Department

    Ackeem Scott

    Photo of Ackeem Scott Product Advisor Contact

    Alex Bolotnyy

    Photo of Alex Bolotnyy Product Advisor Contact

    Glen Ngan Tian

    Photo of Glen Ngan Tian Product Advisor Contact

    Haley Elliott

    Photo of Haley Elliott Product Advisor Contact

    Harold Olesco

    Photo of Harold Olesco Product Advisor Contact

    Jaskomal Gill

    Photo of Jaskomal Gill Product Advisor Contact

    Kaylan Gray

    Photo of Kaylan Gray Product Advisor Contact

    Melanie Mitchell

    Photo of Melanie Mitchell Product Advisor Contact

    Philip Halili

    Photo of Philip Halili Product Advisor Contact

    Shaun Campbell

    Photo of Shaun Campbell Product Advisor Contact

    Tiffany Dasilva

    Photo of Tiffany Dasilva Product Advisor Contact

    Skyler Frankenberger

    Photo of Skyler Frankenberger Delivery Coordinator Contact

    Financial Services

    Brian Shkwarchuk

    Photo of Brian Shkwarchuk Financial Services Manager Contact

    Grant Drowsy

    Photo of Grant Drowsy Financial Services Manager Contact

    Rachna Joshi

    Photo of Rachna Joshi Financial Services Manager Contact

    Administration and Support

    Bailey Mitchell

    Photo of Bailey Mitchell Shipper/Receiver

    Mary Ray

    Photo of Mary Ray Sales Administrator Contact

    Lot Attendants and Detailers

    Cindy Martens

    Photo of Cindy Martens Service Detailer

    Harkirat Brar

    Photo of Harkirat Brar Service Detailer

    Jose Gilbert Basilio

    Photo of Jose Gilbert Basilio Sales Lot Attendant

    Kendra Evoy

    Photo of Kendra Evoy Service Detailer

    Parmvir Singh

    Photo of Parmvir Singh Service Lot Attendant

    Tyler Burns

    Photo of Tyler Burns Service Detailer

    Service Department

    Caitlin Strang

    Photo of Caitlin Strang Service Consultant Contact

    Chris Angeles

    Photo of Chris Angeles Service Consultant Contact

    Dianne Oliveira

    Photo of Dianne Oliveira Service Consultant Contact

    Erwin Gardiola

    Photo of Erwin Gardiola Service Consultant Contact

    James Vaz

    Photo of James Vaz Service Consultant Contact

    Jaycee Manzano

    Photo of Jaycee Manzano Service Consultant Contact

    Al Gordon

    Photo of Al Gordon Technician

    Candace Lapointe

    Photo of Candace Lapointe Internal Service Advisor

    Cardinal Pagaduan

    Photo of Cardinal Pagaduan Technician

    Carlo Faylon

    Photo of Carlo Faylon Lube Technician

    Damir Polimac

    Photo of Damir Polimac Technician

    Ian Mostert

    Photo of Ian Mostert Technician

    Jackson Elyas

    Photo of Jackson Elyas Technician

    Johnathon Friesen

    Photo of Johnathon Friesen Lube Technician

    John Leonard Salamat

    Lube Technician Apprentice

    Michael Carrondo

    Photo of Michael Carrondo Technician

    Michael Nguyen

    Photo of Michael Nguyen Technician

    Mike Gordon

    Photo of Mike Gordon Technician

    Rhandel Banzon

    Photo of Rhandel Banzon Lube Technician

    Parts Department

    Christopher (Chris) Bomback

    Photo of Christopher (Chris) Bomback Parts Consultant Contact

    Jordan Lopez

    Photo of Jordan Lopez Parts Consultant Contact

    Kim Villalobos

    Photo of Kim Villalobos Parts Consultant Contact

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