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    Sales Department

    Financial Services

    Administration and Support

    Lot Attendants and Detailers

    Adam Woodland

    Photo of Adam Woodland Service Detailer

    Darien Tymchak

    Photo of Darien Tymchak Service Detailer

    Daylan Sagun

    Photo of Daylan Sagun Service Detailer

    Harkirat Brar

    Photo of Harkirat Brar Service Detailer

    Jared Parcero

    Photo of Jared Parcero Service Detailer

    Jose Gilbert Basilio

    Photo of Jose Gilbert Basilio Sales Lot Attendant

    Kimi Tonelete

    Photo of Kimi Tonelete Service Lot Attendant

    Noah Henderson

    Photo of Noah Henderson Service Detailer

    Reinerio (Neri) Parel

    Photo of Reinerio (Neri) Parel Service Detailer

    Service Department

    Al Gordon

    Photo of Al Gordon Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Candace Lapointe

    Photo of Candace Lapointe Internal Service Advisor

    Cardinal Pagaduan

    Photo of Cardinal Pagaduan Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Carlo Faylon

    Photo of Carlo Faylon Technician, Lube & Maintenance

    Cindy Martens

    Photo of Cindy Martens Technician, Lube & Maintenance

    Damir Polimac

    Photo of Damir Polimac Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Gal Nemetz

    Photo of Gal Nemetz Apprentice Technician

    Ian Mostert

    Photo of Ian Mostert Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Jackson Elyas

    Photo of Jackson Elyas Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Johnathon Friesen

    Photo of Johnathon Friesen Technician, Apprentice Level 3

    John Leonard Salamat

    Photo of John Leonard Salamat Technician, Apprentice Level 1

    Michael Carrondo

    Photo of Michael Carrondo Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Michael Nguyen

    Photo of Michael Nguyen Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Mike Gordon

    Photo of Mike Gordon Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Rhandel Banzon

    Photo of Rhandel Banzon Technician, Apprentice Level 2

    Roman Lesko

    Photo of Roman Lesko Technician, General

    Parts Department

    Declan Spiers

    Photo of Declan Spiers Parts Shipper/Receiver

    Birchwood Honda On Regent

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    Parts & Service